Cyber 2.0

Cyber 2.0 is an advanced cyber security product that protects against all threats — existing, new and emerging , including zero-day threats and advanced malware that evades traditional security solutions. We provide continuous protection against any type of threat so you never have to worry about another cyber attack again!

Your business is under attack right now! Hackers threaten your data, revenue, reputation and even survival. Every day they probe for weaknesses in your network defenses looking for ways to steal information or disrupt operations. And every day you wait puts you at greater risk of a catastrophic cyber attack that could cost you everything – from money to market share to brand equity.

Why Cyber 2.0

Traditional endpoint security systems are ineffective against ransomware because they cannot detect all threats. Cyber 2.0 on the other hand uses chaos mathematics, proprietary algorithms and patented technology  to avoid this weakness protecting your network from lateral movement based attacks with 100% assurance

Beyond EDR
Zero Trust

As opposed to traditional EDR systems, we only allow what is approved, everything else malicious or otherwise is blocked.

Cyber 2.0's implementation only needs to detect approved software, no definition updates, AI, human intervention is needed.

Removal of Cyber 2.0 from a computer does not compromise the network.

Employing a proprietary implementation of Zero Trust based on Chaos Mathematics, Cyber 2.0 locks down your network with 100% accuracy.

Only software with permission is able to route around the network , so nothing gets in without explicit authorisation from you or your IT team!

Network Application Control

Cyber 2.0 allows easy identification and control of all applications, malicious or otherwise, on the network with point and click management.


Network communication by approved applications is scrambled using unbreakable chaos algorithms.

Forensics & Auditing
Reverse Tracking
Network Obscurement

Cyber 2.0 includes comprehensive monitoring, inventory and forensic capabilities. Every packet to traverse the network is logged with an advanced inventory and forensics tool. Information is accessed with a powerful web interface.

Cyber 2.0 can be used to easily identify unauthorised applications and their source on your network.

A patented process 'Reverse Tracking' allows the system to check every process, library or file that loads. Every access is recorded creating a "Chain Kind" of applications. Any unapproved applications in the Chain will result in the communication being blocked.

Dramatically reduces your network's attack surface by constantly shifting and changing incoming and outgoing ports. Using Chaos Mathematics the system constantly scrambles the ports used effectively causing any attempt to assault network communication to fail.

Cyber 2.0 is invisible to your applications. Proper implementation removes the need for complex firewall rules and maintenance.