PBIE Power BI Essentials

This one-day instructor led course concentrates on the Power BI components available in Microsoft Office 365 and the Power BI Desktop. The participants will learn how to gather and analyse data from a variety of sources and surface visualisations using the Power BI tools to construct compelling insights into business data.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Power BI 

This module introduces the course and the environment for the training. Additionally, we will introduce the main concepts of Business Intelligence, self-service BI and show how Power BI is positioned in the overall data analysis ecosystem.

Module 2: Get & Transform Data

In this module, we will explore the Get & Transform Data feature, formerly known as Power Query, and its ability to provide an intuitive experience for discovering, combining and refining data across a wide variety of sources. Power Query is a data-gathering tool originally provided as an addin for previous versions of Microsoft Excel that allows you to share and manage data within your organisation. In Microsoft Excel 2016 the feature is now known as “Get & Transform Data”.

Module 3: Modelling Data in Power BI

In this module, we will explore the data modelling features of Power BI and investigate some of its analytical capabilities. Data modelling in Power BI allows for large amounts of data to be consumed and analysed. This module builds on the capabilities of Get & Transform Data to prepare and enhance a data model for creating dashboard visualisations.

Module 4: Visualising Data in Power BI

In this module, we will cover the reporting and visualisation components of Power BI. Several types of charts and other visual indicators can be used to highlight important business metrics quickly and easily. These reports can further be used as the components of a dashboard.

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