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Cloud Vitality has partnered with leading training providers to upskill your team in leveraging your existing business technology.

You can find a selection of our more popular offerings below;

We can also assist you by designing courses or organising on-site training days for your staff and managers.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, and in no time, your business will be up, up and away!

Stay ahead of the game

Having the right data at your fingertips enables you to make informed business decisions and achieve competitive advantage, without the need to trawl through reports and carry out adhoc business analysis.

Introduce your line of business managers, analysts and IT professionals to all the features and benefits of Power BI in a short, low cost, agile project.

Designed by Microsoft, ‘Dashboard in a Day’ is a 1-day session including the latest features of Power BI.

This course is intended for analysts, business intelligence (BI) developers and IT professionals that will be involved with the design, development, and maintenance of data employing the features of Power BI.


Specialists in data, experts in business

Our team of Microsoft Certified Data Analytics specialists can help you understand what’s driving your business and help you build a solution to monitor and manage key metrics.

We work with departments across the organisation to help you understand what metrics matter most to your business.

Find out what you don’t already know

Using advanced analytics, we can help you uncover new relationships and drivers of your business that you may not have been aware of, or underestimated the importance of.

We work with data to help managers understand what’s really driving their departments.

Self-service reporting

We know that waiting for IT to produce information for you can be frustrating. We create tailored dashboards, reports and visualisations based on key metrics for your business for users across the organisation to use at any given point in time.


Empower your teams to access the data they need without the help of IT.

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