Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra Suite

Integrated Next-gen EPP and Easy-to-use EDR delivering strong threat prevention, accurate incident detection & simplified incident response

GravityZone Ultra excels where pure-play EDR products are too complex and noisy, preventing, detecting and responding to sophisticated attacks that evade traditional anti-malware. Designed from the ground up as an integrated next-gen EPP and easy-to-use EDR, it offers prevention, automated detection, investigation and response tools built into a single agent, managed from a single console.


GravityZone Ultra enables enterprise customers to accurately protect digital assets against even the most elusive cyber threats and
effectively respond to all phases of an attack through:

  • Attack surface reduction (via firewall, application control, content control and patch management)

  • Data protection (via full disk encryption add-on module)

  • Pre-execution detection and eradication of malware (via tunable machine learning, real-time process inspection and sandbox analysis)

  • Automated detection, easy investigation and in-place remediation tools

  • “Better-than-before” security posture (via patch management add-on module)

The result is seamless threat prevention, accurate incident detection and smart response to minimize exposure to infection and stop breaches.


EDR made Easy
  • Real-time endpoint visibility

  • Insight into suspicious activities

  • Alert triage and incident analysis visualization

  • One-click investigation

  • Track live attacks and lateral movements

  • Rapid response with fast resolution, containment and remediation

High-Fidelity detection
  • Minimize noise and distraction from false alarms

  • Reduce the volume of incidents with effective threat prevention

  • Eliminate manual remediation of blocked attacks with automatic remediation and repair

Smart response
  • Quick response and restoration of endpoints to a “better-than-before” stage

  • Immediately adjust policy and patch vulnerabilities to prevent future incidents

Protecting Datacenter and Cloud Infrastructure
  • Higher Operational Efficiency and Agility

  • Top Infrastructure Performance and Utilization

  • Unlimited Linear Scalability

  • Universal compatibility

Comprehensive endpoint security platform in one agent and console
  • Minimize exposure with strong prevention

  • Machine-learning and behavior-based detection stop unknown threats at pre-execution and on-execution

  • Detect and block script-based, file-less, obfuscated and custom malware with automatic remediation

  • Memory protection to prevent exploits

  • Reduce attack surface by enabling IT security controls

  • Integrated client firewall, device control, web content filtering, app control and more

  • Add-on modules: Full Disk Encryption, Patch Management

GravityZone Ultra Control Center
  • Integrated and centralized management console that provides a single-pane-of-glass view of all security management components, including endpoint security, datacenter and cloud security and security for Exchange