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Cloud Security

Get integrated protection for you multicloud apps and resources.

In the era of cloud transformation, customers face an increasingly complex environment and need the right strategy to safeguard their infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) services.

Why Cloud Security

Strengthen your cloud security posture

Optimize the configuration of cloud services with extensive assessment tools.


Defend against evolving threats

Protect cloud workloads and apps from threats with the help of leading security research and threat intelligence.

Control access to critical cloud apps and resources

Enforce real-time access controls using built-in risk assessments and contextual information.

Secure every step of the development lifecycle

Safeguard the entire app development, deployment, and operations lifecycle directly within the standard developer workflow.

Cloud security products

Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Strengthen your cloud security posture and compliance state. Monitor and help protect workloads across your multicloud and hybrid environments.


Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Get deep visibility and control of cloud apps with our leading cloud access security broker (CASB). Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is built on native integrations and is highly customizable for the needs of a global workforce. Learn More

GitHub Advanced Security

Build more secure apps faster with threat modeling, vulnerability scanning, and unit testing directly inside your release pipeline. Protect your app with encryption and ensure success with our best practices and toolkit. 

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