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Cyber Security Assessment

Our assessment helps you to quickly assess your organisation's cybersecurity status and to create a fact-based action plan to improve your cybersecurity. It's the perfect way to maximize security and to demonstrate you are taking security seriously.

Cyber Security Assessment is an automated security assessment that provides insights into an organizations security vulnerabilities, based on data from your infrastructure, Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Cyber Security Assessment collects relevant data by:

•Scanning Windows OS servers and workstations
•Scanning the Active Directory and Azure AD
•Analysing data from your Microsoft 365 and Azure tenant

Your organization knows it needs to do something about cyber security, but you don't know where to start. You're feeling overwhelmed and underprepared.


The market is demanding that organizations take cyber security more seriously than ever before, and law regulations are starting to catch up. If your business doesn't have a plan in place, you could be looking at some serious fines and penalties.

Cloud Vitality's Cyber Security Assessment Scan is the solution for your business. Our platform provides actionable insights into your organization's cyber security vulnerabilities so you can improve your posture quickly and efficiently. With CSAT Scan, there's no need to feel overwhelmed or underprepared anymore - we'll help you get on track with industry best practices today and recommendations based on facts.


Offers risk-based action plan for security improvements

Helps to build business cases and aligns IT security and Business Management

Proves that you take security seriously

Shows that you work towards compliance

Get started

1. Contact us today.

2. Set up a kick-off call to:

    - Make introductions

    - Discuss goals of the assessment

    - Share system requirements

3. Collect and analyse your IT asset data

    - Prepare your environment for the assessment and plan next activities.

    - Set up the scans to collect relevant data

    - Discuss your organisation's cybersecurity posture in an interview (IT manager/CIO/CISO required)

4. Presentation of the report

    - Deliver presentation and discuss findings,  conclusions and recommendations.

    - Share 'Final Report' and presentation

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