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Integrate - Keep your Existing PBX or Cloud UC Service

Easily integrate Teams with your existing equipment and services. Contact centers too…

Teams users love the convenience of a Teams client that brings together all their co-workers, contacts and collaboration. Road warriors love the power of a Teams mobile app that puts the same power in their hands. Yet, for many organisations the migration to Teams Calling is not simply a matter of flipping a switch. They have investments in an existing IP-PBX, they have multi-year contracts for their Cloud UC service and they often have existing business workflows that aren’t easily replicated.

Organisations do not have to choose between productivity and consistency. Cloud Vitality's cloud-based service can integrate these two worlds together. Use Cloud Vitality to integrate every users work environment or select only the workforce members that have the most to benefit.

Cloud Vitality allows organisations to leave their existing PBX or Cloud UC solution in-place and maintain existing dial tone agreements. Organisations can integrate 1 user or 10,000 users to Teams. The user’s PBX phone and Teams client (desktop or mobile) will ring at the same time, even if they are part of a group on the PBX. Stay connected in the office, at home or on the road. Users can place outbound calls from either client, the far end will always see the office caller ID. And if a user is on the phone, it’s noted on both systems.


Cloud Vitality can also enable organisation to integrate existing calling groups, ACDs and contact centers. There is no need to disrupt critical customer care services to make the move to Teams Calling.

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