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Compliance Management

Assess compliance and respond to legal and regulatory requirements.
Intuitive management

Get intuitive end-to-end compliance management from easy onboarding to control implementation.

Built-in automation

Reduce risk with intelligent automation, including compliance score, control mapping, and continuous assessments.

Scalable assessments

Customize a vast assessment library to meet your unique requirements.

Data discovery

Discover data at the source and within the Microsoft 365 security and compliance boundary.

Intelligent response

Use machine learning and analytics to help find relevant data and efficiently respond to your legal, regulatory, and internal obligations.

Products within Compliance Management

Compliance Manager

Simplify compliance, reduce risk, and meet requirements of regulations, standards, company policies, or other desired control frameworks. 

Advanced eDiscovery

Use machine learning capabilities—such as near duplicate detection, email threading, relevance, themes, and smart tags—to help customers reduce and cull large volumes of data. Learn More

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